Traffic Unit Functions:

The Pembroke Pines Police Traffic Unit consists of one supervisor, nine officers and one police service aide. The Traffic Unit functions include: traffic law enforcement, crash prevention and investigation, traffic fatalities, DUI enforcement, traffic control at special events, promoting the use of child restraints, selective enforcement via laser and radar speed detection devices, and traffic related training.

The Traffic Unit participates in several special traffic operations including the Buckle-Up Florida seatbelt enforcement operation; multi agency D.U.I. checkpoints, which are designated to detect impaired motorists; safety checkpoints in conjunction with the State Department of Transportation officers designated to detect unsafe cars and trucks and remove them from the roadways and high incident crash intersection enforcement designed as an effort to reduce crashes, injuries and property damage.

Motorcycle Officers:

The supervisor and six officers are assigned Harley Davidson FLHPI Road King Police motorcycles. The Road King has a 1450 cc OHV Twin Cam 88 engine.

The motorcycle officers train in skill and operation once a month for their proficiency and safety.  As you all know riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous, so we ask that you LOOK TWICE, BEFORE PULLING OUT. 

Motorcycle mounted officers have a dangerous job which includes the traditional dangers of law enforcement compounded by the ever more congested local traffic.


In addition to the standard equipment found in most Pembroke Pines Police vehicles, the vehicles of the Traffic Unit are equipped with a number of other items Traffic Officers use in their special duties.

  • Radar Units
  • Laser Units
  • Traffic Homicide Accident Kits
  • Tint meters
  • Micro cassette recorder
  • Alco Sensor breath machines
  • Vericom 2000

Smart Trailer:

With the Pembroke Pines “Smart”, Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer - Neighborhoods, school zones, construction sites and dangerous roads get a little help in promoting compliance with the speed limit.

SMART™ is a portable, self-contained speed display unit that can be towed from site to site to assist in areas with speed-related problems. Voluntary speed compliance - that's SMART!

This unit allows the Traffic Unit to view statistics on cars vs. time, cars vs. speed, speed vs. time, and much more.


The traffic unit operates slick top marked patrol vehicles made by Chevrolet and Ford.  The units are Chevrolet Impalas and Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a copy of an accident report?   You can go to the Pembroke Pines Records Unit (located at 9500 Pines Blvd., Telephone 954-431-2709) or download it from the internet at

I was involved in a hit & run accident, how can I find out the status of the investigation?    Contact the Traffic Supervisor @ 954-443-4895

Who do I contact if I want to have speed enforced in my community? Contact the Traffic Supervisor @ 954-443-

Where does my Homeowners Association get the forms needed to have a traffic enforcement agreement so that Police can enforce traffic laws in my development?  Contact Pembroke Pines City Hall, 10100 Pines Blvd., Telephone 954-431-4500.

Where is the South Satellite Court House? 
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3550 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood)

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Florida Rider Training Program: